Her Agony – An experimental short story

To all my readers, please read the story twice, you will enjoy it even better.

“Wake up,” I yelled. He slapped me. I was silenced, yet again. Everyday I live this miserable life like a useless piece of shit. “What the hell, it’s 9am, why didn’t you wake me up?” he frowned looking at me. “Forget it, you’re good for nothing.”

Whenever his day goes wrong I’m always held as a culprit. What does he think he is? Doesn’t give my food, doesn’t listen to my wake up alarm, but expects me to complete all his tasks in a whisker. He has been with me for over a year but our relationship has been through a turmoil.

Exactly a year ago, he was standing in my shop, when he first looked at me. ‘Beautiful,’ he remarked. Since then, I have been by his side, just like a toy in his pocket. I ditched all my friends just to be with him. I was commited to this relationship, but he never really loved me. He doesn’t care about me. Perhaps because I am losing my charisma, with every passing day.

Maybe he has found someone better than me? Why should I bother? I try satiating each of his demands and commands, to the best of my abilities. I keep myself up-to-date everyday. I try correcting my flaws, rectifying my mistakes, but to no avail. Certainly he has lost his interest in me.

These days, even his friends make fun of me. He doesn’t even bother protecting me. They sledge me and he joins them. What’s wrong with these men? Why can’t he accept me with all my flaws? He ain’t flawless either.Though he pretends it more often or not.

The agony of my mother might soon be mine. The pain of been thrown out of your house is unbearable. Gosh! The technology might work for humans but it gives nightmares to all the mobiles like me! Yes I’m a mobile! A crappy cellphone who wants to grab the attention of its owner.

Anyways I’m sure, we mobiles have better humility than humans. We don’t dump our owner, nor do we woo other humans. But these guys have no regards for trust. A new model releases in the market and they go gaga over it. Indeed I live in a no-strings-attached relationship!

So guys did you enjoy this unique relationship between a man his cell phone? Do comment on it!

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One Response to Her Agony – An experimental short story

  1. sandy says:

    Thats quite a cool story.

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