Book Review: How I braved ANU Aunty and co-founded a million dollar company.

Have a look at the book before reading this review.


‘What’s in a name?’ Shakespeare once said. Ironically a great poet and a playwright made such a statement. If it was Digvijay Singh, you could have at least made some creepy jokes on him. ‘How I braved ANU Aunty’ is one of those books which became popular thanks to its unusual name. The author who in the disclaimer claims, ‘This guy can’t write a shit.’ actually pulls off an interesting tale of a wannabe, carefree and jobless engineer who turns into an entrepreneur with a million dollar company.

The plot can be put in like this: Varun is a 20 something jobless boy who does nothing more than stalking his crush on facebook and partying with friends. He has a business plan and a friend called Rohn Malhotra, with whom he wants to start a business of merchandising all the schools and colleges in the country. His mother has appointed her friend called ANU Aunty to get his life ‘back on track’. What happens next? Check out the book to know more.


I’m not an expert reviewer but as a reader, I can say, the book comes out straight from the heart. The narrative is humorous, his friends are funny and his gags are laugh out loud hilarious. Yet there are moments in book you feel really sad. There’s one chapter in the book where Varun tells his friends that he has started a business and they ask him, ‘What about job?’

Deep down your heart, you feel his pain and his desperation. There are plenty of ‘youth-oriented f-words’ and peppy moments throughout the narrative. And of course, there is this big mammoth villain called ANU Aunty who is hell-bent to shatter his dream. She is one of those ladies whom your parents referred as ‘Chaar log dekhenge to Kya kahange?’ in your childhood.


Anu Aunty is fierce, rude and tad annoying at times. Her sadistic demeanour is balanced out by his facebook crush, Devika. Devika’s presence is short yet interesting. Varun also manages to give thoughtful tips and creative advise to his readers.


It’s not that the story is perfect. There are moments where the gyan turns filmy or the f-words look overused, but the sheer honesty with which it is written makes you overlook such flimsy errors. Bangalore is an awesome place to write about, and his banglorian setting works like a charm.

The story from the man behind the immensely popular almamater is a cool read.

Varun’s biggest strength is the way he presents ANU Aunty. Her role is restrained yet powerful. If you’re looking for some quick and ‘funny gyan’ this is the book for you!

Watch this amazing video of Varun Agarwal and get inspired!

Please note that I’m not a member of his PR team. Hope to see you soon!

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